Discontinued devices

In our eagerness to keep on leading the manufacturing oftechnologies applied to the aesthetic medicine field, theobsolescence of components and the present technological advanceitself have lead us to a process of discontinuation of several of ourdevices (described in detail below).

We officially inform you through this communiqué that the devicesmentioned herein will move to a phase of discontinuation, in effecton the dates referred to in the table below.

Those devices will still be available as new devices during theindicated period. Moreover, some of the components may have a “last purchase” period longer than others.

Our technical service will answer the questions related to thosedevices, whenever possible, even when they may appear asdiscontinued device.

Reference / ProductDate of discontinuationDate of last purchaseDate end availability of spare parts
M05 TERMORELAX15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M06 / TERMOLÍNEA01/10/202031/12/202031/12/2025
M07 / PODOLITE15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M08 / AFG-30015/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M09 / TERMOFACIAL15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M10 / DERMOTHERM01/02/202101/02/202130/12/2026
M12 / LINFOPRESS ELITE01/02/202101/02/202130/12/2026
M34 / FACIAL SYSTEM PLUS15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M35 / SKINLIFE15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M38/1 / MAX CONFORT 3 TERM15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M39 / EPILSYSTEM15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M49 / BODY SYSTEM01/10/202031/12/202031/12/2025
M50 / BODY ESCULTOR01/02/202101/02/202130/12/2026
M52/B MESOSKIN15/11/201915/11/201914/12/2024
M60 / SKINCARE01/02/202101/02/202130/12/2026
M61 / CAVIT 201/02/202101/02/202130/12/2026
M61P / CAVIT 2 unfooted
M62/B / SKINPEEL15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
M77 / RF ZONE15/11/201915/12/201914/12/2024
MN76 / VMAT BASIC31/12/201831/12/201830/12/2023
MN78 / ADIPOLIGHT + RF01/02/202101/02/202131/01/2026
MN78SR / ADIPOLIGHT01/02/202101/02/202131/01/2026
M80 / AURA01/02/202101/02/202131/01/2026
M81 / RF ZONE VISAGE15/11/201915/12/201914/11/2024
M83 / CRIOWAVE15/11/201915/11/201914/11/2024
MN83 / CRIOWAVE15/11/201915/12/201914/11/2024
M90 / ENEKA15/11/201915/11/201914/10/2024
M94 / ACCUDERMA FACIAL VEIN REMOVAL15/11/201915/11/201914/11/2024
M96 / SHAPESONIC15/11/201915/12/201914/11/2024
M97 / ACCUDERMA BI-ENERGY15/11/201915/12/201914/11/2024
MS RF INTELLIGENT01/02/202101/02/202131/01/2026
TB6 T6 IPL31/12/201931/12/201930/12/2024

For a better understanding, we advise you to read the definitions in *Annex.


  • Last purchase date – The devices are available to purchase (same state as commercial availability). The last purchase dateperiod starts with this discontinuation notice. After this period, itwill no longer be possible to purchase the device.
  • Availability of spare parts – The products have already beendiscontinued, nevertheless, the technical support and replacementof spare parts is still in place.
  • Availability of the product support – After the final date ofspare part availability, the technical support cannot beguaranteed; however, Termosalud S.L. will still provide thatsupport as long as the resources are available.
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