Boost your natural beauty and well-being with the most effective and safest non-invasive treatments.

  • Diode laser platform


    Diode laser platform with a power of up to 5000W, which allows the use of different wavelengths in the same equipment to guarantee the best results for body and facial hair removal in your clinic.

  • Cooling Technology


    Medical Cryolipolysis platform for the elimination of localized fat. A non-invasive technology that ensures the most demanding clinical results while ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients.

  • Body contouring


    The unique combination of Deep Rotational Active Massage and 470 kHz monopolar radiofrequency achieves the most demanding clinical results for professionals looking for something more.


    At Termosalud we are experts in the development and manufacture of advanced technologies with high clinical efficacy for the aesthetics and aesthetic medicine sector.


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    Triple S technology, redefining the limits of radiofrequency

    The new CAP/RES monopolar radiofrequency equipment that reduces, reshapes and firms, meeting the expectations of professionals and clients. Discover the S-Active Pulse technology, which changes the rules of radiofrequency diathermy.


    Localised reduction of stubborn fat

    Cryolipolysis is one of the most demanded non-invasive localised fat reduction treatments today. Our CRIOCUUM team provides safe and precise cryolipolysis treatments with unprecedented clinical efficacy.


    Body contouring

    ZIONIC offers a patented, fast and safe technological synergy. Deep Active Rotational Massage (MARP) and 470 kHz monopolar radiofrequency achieve the most demanding clinical results in body contouring.

    EneKA PRO

    At the forefront of laser hair removal

    High power diode laser platform (5000 W). ENEKA PRO offers multiple options (wavelength, working modes, pulse widths) to guarantee hair removal treatments for all phototypes, hair types and body areas.

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    360º shock waves: a comprehensive solution

    With more than guaranteed results in cellulite treatment, VMAT PRO extends its clinical efficacy and now includes anti-cellulite, anti-adiposity, firming and anti-aging treatments. VMAT PRO is excellent as stand-alone unit as well as combined with other technologies.


    Precision pressotherapy
    more complete

    Overlapping cell technology for a higher level of compression. 24 superimposed cells, preconfigured programs and careful design and manufacturing to the millimetre are the formula for the success of one of our best-selling units.

    Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we have been able to establish a solid and qualified multidisciplinary team that allows us to guarantee and offer high-precision, safe and effective technology.

    Sales network

    TermoSalud continues its worldwide growth by incorporating new distributors to reach and strengthen its presence in more countries. Our main objective is to offer an after-sales service that guarantees the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

    If you are interested in distributing TermoSalud equipment in your country, please send us your company presentation to export@termosalud.com or fill in the following form.


    Termosalud obtains the FDA

    Termosalud, a leading company in the manufacture of medical and aesthetic devices with more than 35 years of experience with more than 35 years of experience, has obtained FDA certification for several of its high-tech products: Eneka PRO, deep2, Symmed Elite Aesthetic and Zionic. This recognised certification means that the equipment has been accredited for the medical sector in the United States, in all 50 states, by the US Food and Drug Administration in compliance with the strict regulations on medical devices established by this organisation. After rigid analysis and evaluation, the FDA has approved Termosalud treatments for their optimal

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    Termosalud at WCD Singapore 2023

    The asturian company, leader in the manufacture of medical-aesthetic equipment, will be an exhibitor at WCD Singapore 2023, the most relevant International Dermatology World Congress at a professional level, which this year has chosen Singapore (Asia) as the venue for its celebration. During the 25th edition of WCD Singapore 2023, we will present our new deep2 hydrodermabrasion platform and Symmed Elite Aesthetic high radiofrequency technology. In addition to our most demanded equipment such as Eneka PRO, diode laser hair removal, Zionic, rotational massage with radiofrequency, and Vmat PRO, shock waves. Termosalud continues its international expansion at a good pace, establishing

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