Body shaping, also known as body contouring, brings together the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures for eliminating localised fat, controlling cellulitis, reducing flaccidity and enhancing muscle tone.

In brief, the series of methods and treatments that enable us to enjoy a contoured silhouette and delay appearance of the effects of the passage of time on the skin.

Termosalud provides the most effective non-invasive technologies on the market to achieve the most satisfactory results. ZIONIC, VMAT PRO, Linfopress Evolution PRO and SYMMED ELITE  will be the allies you need to reinvent the limits of your silhouette.

Body ageing
What is it and how can we combat it?

The skin and its architecture are progressively altered during the natural aging process, favouring the development of problems such as cellulitis, unwanted and uneven accumulation of adipose tissue, loss of firmness and hydration and a whole series of minor problems that impair the aesthetic aspect of the body. The following are the main changes observed in the tissues:

How does it work?

Our technology provides in-depth treatment for the various skin layers, acting on the cells, tissues and microcirculation to restore the skin’s lost functions. The skin is redensified as a result, the body contour is reshaped and the overall appearance of the silhouette becomes more homogeneous

Remodelling treatment

cuidado capilar
Comfortable and painless
No recovery time
Non invasive

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Discover our technologies
for combating the signs of body ageing

Zionic Rollactive

A unique technology that activates the dermal and subcutaneous tissues through its exclusive combination of Deep Rotational Active Massage (MARP, according to its Spanish acronym) and monopolar resistive radiofrequency. A personalized and unique treatment that effectively reduces laxity and unwanted fat.

Symmed Elite Aesthetic

A radiofrequency device that includes the Triple S Technology to ensure high quality body firming and remodeling treatments. This methodology is also known as body contouring.

Linfopress Evolution PRO

Improves circulation and enhances the results of body remodeling treatments with our exclusive pressotherapy system. A hands-free device that allows the personalization of the treatment to adapt it to the specific needs of each person.

Vmat PRO

The ideal tool for skin correction. Its shock and vibrational wave technology acts on three levels of stimulation: dermal, subcutaneous and muscular, allowing in-depth treatment of problems such as laxity, fat accumulation, cellulite and loss of muscle tone.

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