Cellulitis is a medical-aesthetic problem that affects 90% of women and 10% of men. Characterised by the presence of irregularities in the skin of areas such as the hips, legs or abdomen, it is currently one of the main aesthetic concerns.

Eliminating it or reducing its severity requires more than just a healthy lifestyle and specialised cosmetics.

Here at TERMOSALUD we put the most effective non-invasive technologies in the treatment of cellulitis at your disposal, addressing the problems that favour its development and progress.

How does cellulitis occur?

Cellulitis is an alteration in the metabolism of dermal and hypodermal tissues that mainly affects the skin of the buttocks, legs and abdomen. It begins to form when capillary-venous microcirculation is compromised, which deteriorates the surrounding tissues, producing an accumulation of residues and an inflammatory environment. These conditions deteriorate the operation of the cells, producing the main alterations associated with cellulitis:

As a consequence, the skin acquires a padded appearance with an uneven coloration typical of the pathology.

How does it work?

Our technologies based on the application of radiofrequency, shock waves or pressure therapy ensure targeted action on the causes of cellulitis.

Anti-cellulite treatments

cuidado capilar
Comfortable and painless
No recovery time
Non invasive

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Discover our technologies
to combat the signs of orange peel skin

Zionic Rollactive

A uniquely designed non-invasive technology that combines monopolar resistive radiofrequency and Deep Rotational Active Massage (MARP, according to its Spanish acronym) to treat unwanted fat accumulation and cellulite. An innovative treatment that achieves deep body body contouring results.

Symmed Elite Aesthetic

A monopolar radiofrequency technology with CAP/RES work modes that offer a global treatment for the main skin conditions that cause cellulite. Discover its Triple S Technology and enjoy the maximum effectiveness of professional treatments.

Linfopress Evolution PRO

A pressotherapy treatment that improves circulation and reduces water retention problems that aggravate cellulite. A hands-free device that allows the personalization of the treatment to adapt it to the specific needs of each person.

Vmat PRO

The perfect solution against cellulite and orange peel skin. Its shock and vibrational wave technology acts synergistically on the skin alterations responsible for the development of cellulite. A deep dermal, subcutaneous, vascular and muscular activation is the key to the success of VMAT PRO anti-cellulite treatments.

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