Symmed radiofrequency to enhance hair health and beauty

Our premium treatments and high-precision technology enable you to act on the hair follicle in an effective, targeted manner to help restore scalp balance. The result is thicker, healthier, stronger hair.

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Discover how our Symmed Total Hair equipment can help your business

Join the Symmed Total Hair effect and feel the benefits of hair beauty provided by our most advanced radiofrequency unit equipped with triple S technology

Recover the radiance, health and beauty of your hair with Symmed Total Hair; treatments and exclusive technology for maximum hair benefits

How does it work?

Symmed Total Hair treatment consists of electrodes designed for easy, effective adaptation to all scalp areas. Contact with the Symmed Elite radiofrequency unit produces electrical and thermal stimulation in the hair tissue, triggering beneficial effects that foster redensification and impede excessive hair loss:

Symmed Total Hair includes wavy technology that will help you to increase follicular microcirculation, enhancing the benefits and results

The wavy profile of the WAVE electrodes enables enhanced friction on the scalp which results in increased blood flow.

Enjoy multiple treatments (anti-ageing, hormonal, severe or moderate hair loss) as well as relaxing treatments to prevent stress-related hair loss.

Symmed Total Hair is used with specialized hair cosmetics

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Hair balance
Targeted biostimulation of the hair follicle

High ergonomics, adaptability and handling
No recovery time
Comfortable and painless
Clinical safety


Yes. Numerous clinical studies and constant quality controls ensure safe and effective treatment for your hair.

The scalp is a sensitive area and as such we have focused our efforts on perfecting our technology to perform painless, relaxing treatment that provides a pleasant sensation of well-being.

A session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

To obtain the greatest benefit from Total Hair hair therapy we recommend the use of Hair Complex cosmetics at home to complement the Total Hair treatment in the clinic and provide extra nutrition to the scalp.

The effects of Symmed Total Hair are visible and long-lasting.  You will begin to see the results after several initial sessions.

Symmed Elite is our most advanced version of radiofrequency diathermy and includes the S EnhanCell working mode that maximizes cell biostimulation, providing extra energy per working area.

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