BSB Group. Bussiness divisions

We are entrepreneurs and we offer solutions that encompass all fields in the aesthetics sector. That is why we have spread our activities to complementary areas, which shows in the following divisions:

División Wellness-Spa

is a Spanish company specialising in designing, manufacturing and supplying spa areas or full spa resorts, for both professionals and individuals.

We have a wide range of products and have a highly qualified personnel team with extensive experience in the sector, which means we can adapt to cover all the n Termosalud Spa specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of spa areas or full spa resorts, regardless of the size of each project: from little home spa areas for private houses, urban spas, fitness centres, up to large hotel spas, public or private thalassotherapy centres and spa resorts.

The company has highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the sector, and is divided into different departments, among which we can highlight the R+D+i, Quality and Technical Service departments.

Customised cosmetics division

CREMOLOGY is an innovative dermocosmetic concept based on the complete personalisation of the product: starting with a digital diagnosis of the skin, carried out using a professional measuring device, our Customised Cosmetics Prescription software then selects the best combination of Active ingredients and Concentrates for each person and each situation. The result is a customised face cream consisting of a moisturising base cream with sunscreen SPF 15 and four phials: three with Active ingredients and one with a Concentrate, plus the possibility of an intensive treatment for specific problems.

Intelligent cosmetic fabric division

This division offers the latest way of applying all-over body cosmetics: with clothes.

The intelligent fabric used to make the garments gradually releases active principles which, as they penetrate the skin, reduce the figure quickly and simply while the garments are worn normally. The garments provide effective results as they remodel the figure thanks to the triple effect of the microcapsule principles that contain: reducing, firming and draining effect.