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Tratamiento de datos

  • FINALIDAD.- Operaciones de tipo económico que se realizan directamente entre Termosalud S.L y el cliente sin intermediarios.
  • PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECOGIDA DE DATOS.- Formulario por parte del interesado.
  • NIVEL DE RIESGO.- Medio.
  • TRATAMIENTO.- Mixto (automatizado y no automatizado).
  • LEGITIMACIÓN PARA EL TRATAMIENTO.- Contractual, según se establece en el art. 6 (b) del RGPD.
  • PLAZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE LOS DATOS.- Mientras se mantenga la finalidad para la que han sido recabados.


Zionic technology

ergonomic, light and nearly noise-free head

Designed and developed in keeping with the strictest European standards that regulate the optimum reliability, functioning and safety of the product.

The handpiece is the product of the profound analysis and skill of the R+D department in coordination with professionals who are experts in cutting-edge techniques of manual massage. Manufactured with low-density materials and alloys with high mechanical resistance.

The ZIONIC handpiece incorporates in its interior a coreless, low-inertia gear motor: precise, small and light, manufactured in Germany, leader in fields of application such as robotics, defence, aerospace engineering and medicine. This technology has enabled us to make the treatment head lighter and smaller both in weight and in noise produced compared with similar technologies from the competition.

Its temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the zone being treated at all times in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness and safety.

Zionic manípulo

control and tracking screen

Integrated in the handpiece which enables action on the power parameters of radiofrequency and MARP rotation in an evolving manner, thus facilitating the rapid response and action by the professional throughout the treatment.

Monitors the evolution of the internal temperature and the depth of the treatment, providing a graphic display of these parameters in different modes:

Real time mode

Instantaneous display of the temperature evolution during treatment.

Evolutionary graphics, updated every second, displaying the evolution of the subcutaneous temperature in real time.

Zionic real time

Treatment recap mode

Mode in which the evolution of the temperature and depth is displayed over the course of the entire treatment thus enabling the simultaneous monitoring of both parameters.

This mode also displays indicator bars for the instantaneous values for temperature and depth, together with their textual value.

For the professional’s convenience, the mode of monitoring can be modified during all phases of treatment.


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