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VMAT Dermo-correction

VMAT therapy: acoustic shock waves, vibratory waves, virtual mesotherapy and mesoacoustics

The VMAT Dermo-correction therapy combines acoustic shock waves, a highly effective technique that causes the fibrotic walls of cellulite to rupture, the neovascularisation of the arteriovenous capillary and also manages to stimulate the regeneration of collagen with the vibratory waves and virtual mesotherapy. It also includes a cosmetic mesoacoustic product that helps to stop and repair the marks caused by cellulite, regardless of its grade (I, II and III).

The acoustic shock waves used in medical treatments are generated extracorporeally and are introduced into the body without causing any damage to the skin. Acoustic shock waves therapy uses the actual repair mechanisms of the body to recover tissues: when cellulite is in an advanced state (grade I, II, III), the lymphatic vascular system is not able to return a sufficient amount of proteins and catabolic products to the venous system; therefore, this leads to a high concentration of proteins, which causes fibrosis and alters the properties of the tissue.

Applying the acoustic wave therapy temporarily increases the permeability of the cell membrane, thereby improving the exchange of these substances between the cells and breaking the fibrotic walls of the cellulite. This way, we manage to reduce the visible signs of grade I, II and III cellulite.

The aim of the vibratory waves is to stimulate the metabolism, accelerate the elimination of waste and to increase the blood flow to muscles, in order to help new fibres to form and to strengthen the muscles. During the treatment, the pneumatically generated oscillating pulses produce a vibration in the muscles and, consequently, have a very beneficial impact on the lymphatic flow, making the whole tissue firmer. The vibratory massage completes the acoustic shock wave treatment and boosts its effectiveness while producing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

The virtual mesotherapy causes molecular changes that allow pores to form in the cell membrane, which then increase the amount and depth of the penetration of active principles in the skin. It is a scientifically proven system that significantly increases the skin’s permeability and thereby allows the active principles to reach the interior part of cells where they have maximum effect.

The mesoacoustic product has been designed to effectively treat the different problems of the hypodermic layer (cellulite grade I, II and III), taking advantage of the increased cell permeability caused by the mesotherapy.

EFFECTS OF THE VMAT THERAPY on the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue

Before VMAT

The skin has a lumpy appearance known as “orange peel skin”. The blood flow to the area is significantly reduced and the dreaded dimples can be seen.

During VMAT

The blood flow to the area is significantly increased and the formation of collagen is stimulated. The cell membrane permeability is increased and the fibrotic walls of the cellulite start to rupture and the neovascularisation of the arteriovenous capillary takes place.

After VMAT

The skin becomes firmer and recovers it natural elasticity. The texture noticeably improves.


VMAT is a painless and non-invasive treatment used to reduce cellulite (grade I, II and III) on the ABDOMEN, ARMS, THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS. It has preset programmes to treat the different degrees of cellulite (I, II and III), and a free programme that allows to personalise the treatments.

VMAT helps reduce the orange peel skin and improve the skin elasticity; it is de ideal treatment for body remodelling.



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