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Tratamiento de datos

  • FINALIDAD.- Operaciones de tipo económico que se realizan directamente entre Termosalud S.L y el cliente sin intermediarios.
  • PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECOGIDA DE DATOS.- Formulario por parte del interesado.
  • NIVEL DE RIESGO.- Medio.
  • TRATAMIENTO.- Mixto (automatizado y no automatizado).
  • LEGITIMACIÓN PARA EL TRATAMIENTO.- Contractual, según se establece en el art. 6 (b) del RGPD.
  • PLAZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE LOS DATOS.- Mientras se mantenga la finalidad para la que han sido recabados.


Innovation in medico-esthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation and sports medicine

SYMMED is an innovative work method, created by TERMOSALUD, which combines the most advanced and effective beauty technology (RADIOFREQUENCY DIATHERMY AND HPC VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY), different treatment protocols characterised by specific techniques and movements, and a range of cosmetics specially designed to boost the required effects, with visible results from the very first session.

SYMMED boosts the effects of diathermy treatments using radiofrequency, virtual mesotherapy and FUNCTIONAL COSMETICS, resulting in the most advanced and effective, painless and non-invasive cosmetic technology, that offers the best results for facial and body treatments. It includes specific protocols for facial (lifting effect, facial contour, wrinkles, flaccidity, puffs and dark circles) and body treatments (remodeling, cellulite, tightening, post-partum, draining and muscle relaxation, etc…). TERMOSALUD is developing with SYMMED specific protocols for physiotherapy and sports medicine.

TERMOSALUD offers a unique new device, that achieves multiple effects: lipolytic which aids and increases the breakdown of fats in the adipose tissue; FIRMING, due to the contraction, stimulation and recovery of the structure of the collagen fibres; anti-aging, that accelerates the cellular mitosis and induces the regeneration of collagen, promotes the cell renewing and this way improves the tissues; ANTALGIC, with a soothing effect on the nerve endings that relaxes the muscle fibres and, consequently, reduces tension, and draining, that activates the metabolism.