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Tratamiento de datos

  • FINALIDAD.- Operaciones de tipo económico que se realizan directamente entre Termosalud S.L y el cliente sin intermediarios.
  • PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECOGIDA DE DATOS.- Formulario por parte del interesado.
  • NIVEL DE RIESGO.- Medio.
  • TRATAMIENTO.- Mixto (automatizado y no automatizado).
  • LEGITIMACIÓN PARA EL TRATAMIENTO.- Contractual, según se establece en el art. 6 (b) del RGPD.
  • PLAZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE LOS DATOS.- Mientras se mantenga la finalidad para la que han sido recabados.
Linfopress Evolution Pro

Linfopress Evolution Pro

Overlapping cells system

The pressure cells of the LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO are distributed to overlap each other which enables all the zones of the body to be compressed to ensure more comprehensive drainage. The slanted layout of the cells means the lymph is sent horizontally and upwards, pushing it and guiding it towards the lymph node points of the body, preventing it from spreading to other areas.

The design of the LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO trouser garment adapts completely to the treatment zone, from the feet right up to the abdomen, to apply pressure evenly over the whole surface. The trouser garment is fitted with 24 air chambers, which are spread out evenly over the whole treatment zone. It is fastened using zips that are adjustable to fit the patient’s body and figure, and extenders can be fitted to make the garment bigger if necessary.

LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO has a specific jacket for treating the arms, back, thorax and abdomen that boosts the effectiveness of the pressotherapy in the overall treatment. The device is suitable for use in the medical sector, it achieves the patient’s expectations as well as those of the beautician-medical professional, as the treatment can be paused and restarted, and some cells can be left unused during treatment.


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