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bodyEscultor Electrostimulation

BODY ESCULTOR: sculpts your silhouette   It is an aesthetics device for body electrotherapy, with which obesity, cellulite, flaccidity, circulatory problems, localized adiposity and other aesthetical problems can be tackled. Benefits The different treatments that can be performed with Body...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Localised fat, Tightening, Electrostimulation

dermoTherm Vacuum

DERMOTHERM: a body without cellulite   dermoTherm®is an innovative method in body treatments, thanks to the combination of two techniques: suction massage and localised infrareds. Suction massage generates mobility of the connective tissue, thus decongesting any hardened or...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Tightening, Vacuum

epilSystem Electrolysis hair removal

epilSystem 13.56 : the permanent electric hair removal A complete system of the permanent electric hair removal. This equipment offers a choice of 5 electric hair removal, which can be selected according to the different hair types and levels of...

Body, Face, Hair removal, Electrolysis hair removal

facialSystem Plus Facial combi

FACIALSYSTEM PLUS: the best in facial treatments   facialSystem Plus® is a versatile equipment, with a wide range of solutions. Is shows independent treatment modules: High frequency Brushing Galvanic current-ionisation Exfoliation / Descaling Galvanic...

Face, Antiaging, Cellular regeneration, Facial cleansing, Lifting

linfoPress Elite Pressotherapy

 LINFOPRESS ÉLITE: feel light linfoPress Élite® is as natural as walking. A leap forward in the development of preventive solutions for the health and beauty problems in the industrialized countries. Overeating and lack of exercise are generally the roots of such problems....

Body, Body shaping, Pressotherapy

mesoSkin Virtual mesotherapy

MESOSKIN: one step further against cellulite   Virtual mesotherapy The virtual mesotherapy (electroporation) is one of the most significant technological advances in recent years in the aesthetics field. mesoSkin® offers a new way for substances to penetrate the skin in a...

Body, Face, Cellulite, Tightening, Antiaging, Lifting, Virtual mesotherapy

Podolite Pedicure / Manicure

PODOLITE: complete and efficient pedicure treatment Our feet are one of the most delicate parts of our body, yet they are often also one of the most neglected. Since their health and beauty are closely related, a pedicure treatment should look beyond the aesthetic results. The surface of the skin...

Body, Pedicure

skinCare Diathermy + Ultrasonic peeling

SkinCare As a result of the research and knowledge of the aesthetics market needs, Termosalud has designed SkinCare, the new device that effectively combines the ultrasound peeling and diathermy techniques with cosmetics (collagen masks). Cosmetics The SkinCare method uses collagen masks...

Face, Cellular regeneration, Facial cleansing, Ultrasonic peeling

skinLife Microdermabrasion

SKINLIFE: rejuvenated, smooth, healthy skin   El equipo skinLife®, developed to perform microdermoabrasion treatments, is a safe, simple, quick and highly effective system for the following treatments: Facial and body exfoliation Reducing wrinkles and expression lines Minor skin...

Face, Antiaging, Facial cleansing, Dermabrasion, Ultrasonic peeling

termoLínea Thermolipolysis

TERMOLINEA: shapes and sculpts your body   This thermoelectrolysis equipment has been designed to satisfy the most demanding beautician. termoLínea® includes infra-red bands that, when applied to a particular area of the body, obtain dramatic results in the remodeling of the...

Body, Body shaping, Cellulite, Tightening

bodySystem Thermal stimulation

BodySystem: shapes and defines your figure bodySystem® is a thermostimulation device that simultaneously emits infrared heat and generates stimulating currents. The most outstanding feature of this equipment is the combination of these two techniques: thermo wraps (deep heat) and...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Localised fat, Tightening

skinPeel Ultrasonic peeling

Combined techniques for facial renovation Ultrasonic peeling Ultrasound is one of the best beauty allies; in the facial cleansing is the number one, since it performs peeling, extraction, stimulation of collagen and cosmetics penetration. The ultrasonic peeling is a system of in depth skin...

Face, Facial cleansing, Ultrasonic peeling