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Tratamiento de datos

  • FINALIDAD.- Operaciones de tipo económico que se realizan directamente entre Termosalud S.L y el cliente sin intermediarios.
  • PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECOGIDA DE DATOS.- Formulario por parte del interesado.
  • NIVEL DE RIESGO.- Medio.
  • TRATAMIENTO.- Mixto (automatizado y no automatizado).
  • LEGITIMACIÓN PARA EL TRATAMIENTO.- Contractual, según se establece en el art. 6 (b) del RGPD.
  • PLAZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE LOS DATOS.- Mientras se mantenga la finalidad para la que han sido recabados.


To understand the functioning principles of the intense pulsed light it is important to know the physics of light.

Intense pulse light (IPL) is an advanced technology developed to treat the widest range of benign anti-aesthetic conditions, in a beauty salon or a medical clinic, from telangiectasias to blemishes caused by age or the sun, rosace and poikiloderma, congenital vascular and pigmentation conditions, treatment for hirsutism and the removal of unwanted hair.

Because of its characteristics, it is a versatile, easy to apply technology that is extremely accessible, providing an effective response to aesthetic problems.

Wavelengths for beauty treatments

Light is distinguished by its wavelength and it is this that determines the colour of the light. There are many colour tones within the visible spectrum. Other wavelengths exist that are not visible to the human eye, but which form part of the spectrum: infrareds and ultraviolet.

When we work with light we distinguish the type we are using in terms of wavelength, in other words, the route the photon travel along.

The wavelength of a cycle is the distance between two consecutive peaks. This is what determines the colour we see, and the unit of measurement is in nanometres (nm) which is equivalent to 10-9m.

The visible spectrum starts at around 400nm (blue) and goes up to approximately 760nm (red).


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