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Tratamiento de datos

  • FINALIDAD.- Operaciones de tipo económico que se realizan directamente entre Termosalud S.L y el cliente sin intermediarios.
  • PROCEDIMIENTO DE RECOGIDA DE DATOS.- Formulario por parte del interesado.
  • NIVEL DE RIESGO.- Medio.
  • TRATAMIENTO.- Mixto (automatizado y no automatizado).
  • LEGITIMACIÓN PARA EL TRATAMIENTO.- Contractual, según se establece en el art. 6 (b) del RGPD.
  • PLAZO DE CONSERVACIÓN DE LOS DATOS.- Mientras se mantenga la finalidad para la que han sido recabados.


The technological development of IPL systems goes beyond lasers, as it allows you to treat a multitude of anti-aesthetic conditions on all skin types, including very dark skin.

Unlike conventional lasers, that emit a fixed wavelength, the new generation of IPL equipments emits a wide spectrum of light, within a range that is selected by interposing external filters, then uses the ideal software programme to control the eregy emission parameters, such as the fluence, the emission time and the structure of the pulse, meaning the treatment can be adjusted to suit each individual.

IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal is a permanent and long-lasting hair removal system, using a flash of light emitted by a high power xenon lamp using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) equipment.

The melanin absorbs the light and carries it to the pilous follicle, where it is transformed into heat, burning the germinative cells and causing the pilous bulb to be destroyed an therefor destroying its capacity to generate new hair, all without damaging the surrounding tissue at all.

Facial photorejuvenation

As we get older, the skin becomes thinner and drier. The lower levels of collagen make the skin less elastic and the first wrinkles start to appear. IPL facial photorejuvenation consists of applying pulses of intense light with a defined range of wavelengths, which penetrate the skin, heating it under the surface and stimulating the fibroblasts, causing them to produce new collagen and elastin, thereby improving the quality of the skin and giving it a long-lasting, smooth, firm look.

Another benefit of this phototherapy is that it evens out the tone of the skin, reducing the chromatic differences that can be caused by melanin (sun spots) or can be vascular.


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