Body contouring


Hair removal


RF Zone Radiofrequency + HPC

RF ZONE: facial and body radiofrequency, HPC virtual mesotherapy, Chromotherapy and emulsions. RF ZONE effectively combats cellulite, localised adiposity, loose skin and flaccidity. The objective of the 1 Mhz capacitive radiofrequency is to generate heat to accelerate the cell metabolism in order...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Antiaging, Lifting, Radiofrequency

Symmed RF diathermy capacitive / resistive

Innovation in medico-esthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation and sports medicine SYMMED is an innovative work method, created by TERMOSALUD, which combines the most advanced and effective beauty technology (RADIOFREQUENCY DIATHERMY AND HPC VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY), different treatment protocols...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Antiaging, Lifting, Virtual mesotherapy, Radiofrequency

facialSystem Plus Facial combi

FACIALSYSTEM PLUS: the best in facial treatments   facialSystem Plus® is a versatile equipment, with a wide range of solutions. Is shows independent treatment modules: High frequency Brushing Galvanic current-ionisation Exfoliation / Descaling Galvanic...

Face, Antiaging, Cellular regeneration, Facial cleansing, Lifting

mesoSkin Virtual mesotherapy

MESOSKIN: one step further against cellulite   Virtual mesotherapy The virtual mesotherapy (electroporation) is one of the most significant technological advances in recent years in the aesthetics field. mesoSkin® offers a new way for substances to penetrate the skin in a...

Body, Face, Cellulite, Tightening, Antiaging, Lifting, Virtual mesotherapy