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Hair removal


Symmed RF diathermy capacitive / resistive

Innovation in medico-esthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation and sports medicine SYMMED is an innovative work method, created by TERMOSALUD, which combines the most advanced and effective beauty technology (RADIOFREQUENCY DIATHERMY AND HPC VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY), different treatment protocols...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Antiaging, Lifting, Virtual mesotherapy, Radiofrequency

Criocuum Crioliporeduction

The cold that reduces fat deposits CRIOCUUM is the innovative equipment from Termosalud that uses a non-invasive procedure, CRYOLIPOREDUCTION to eliminate fatty subcutaneous tissue by applying cold treatment.CRIOCUUM selectively isolates and chills the fat deposits, controlling the...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Localised fat, Cryotherapy, Vacuum

Linfopress Evolution Pro Pressotherapy

LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO is the result of the more than 30 years’ experience of Termosalud in developing highly effective pressotherapy devices for the treatment of lymphatic and circulation problems. It acts on the lower part of the torso, lower limbs and abdomen. And thanks to the...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Pressotherapy

Eneka PRO Láser de diodo 808 + 755

La plataforma láser de diodo eficaz con el vello residual Potencia 2000 watios Con una potencia de 2000 watios ópticos ENEKA PRO DIODE LASER incorpora el sistema de enfriamiento por contacto CONTACT COOLING SAPPHIRE que hace más seguro y agradable el...

Body, Hair removal

Adipolight + RF Lypolitic laser + Radiofrequency

Adipolight + RF is a low level diode laser with a lipolytic effect, which is very effective for localised adiposity problems. It is a unique technique that combines in the same session the lipolytic laser, monopolar radiofrequency (radiolipolysis), virtual mesotherapy and a specific cosmetic...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Tightening, Lipolytic laser, Radiofrequency

Cavit 2 Cavitation

Ultrasounds to combat excessive body fat Cavit2 has been designed to effectively and quickly reduce the volume of localised fat and cellulite, applying the cavitation process on the adipose tissue, by applying a 40 KHz ultrasound, providing a complete body treatment as it reduces cellulite as well...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Localised fat, Cavitation

bodyEscultor Electrostimulation

BODY ESCULTOR: sculpts your silhouette   It is an aesthetics device for body electrotherapy, with which obesity, cellulite, flaccidity, circulatory problems, localized adiposity and other aesthetical problems can be tackled. Benefits The different treatments that can be performed with Body...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Localised fat, Tightening, Electrostimulation

cavitBasic Cavitation

CAVIT BASIC: la última tecnología a tu alcance   Ultrasounds to combat excessive body fat The body treatments carried out with Cavit Basic are an alternative to liposuction surgeries. Studies carried out during the development of this equipment have proven the complete...


dermoTherm Vacuum

DERMOTHERM: a body without cellulite   dermoTherm®is an innovative method in body treatments, thanks to the combination of two techniques: suction massage and localised infrareds. Suction massage generates mobility of the connective tissue, thus decongesting any hardened or...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Tightening, Vacuum

linfoPress Elite Pressotherapy

 LINFOPRESS ÉLITE: feel light linfoPress Élite® is as natural as walking. A leap forward in the development of preventive solutions for the health and beauty problems in the industrialized countries. Overeating and lack of exercise are generally the roots of such problems....

Body, Body shaping, Pressotherapy

linfoPress Evolution Pressotherapy

LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION: State-of-the-art pressotherapyInnovative technology, the latest–generation pressotherapy LinfoPress Evolution, a revolutionary pneumatic massage technology designed to give effective lymphatic drainage, acts on the lower part of the thorax (lower limbs and abdomen)...


skinCare Diathermy + Ultrasonic peeling

SkinCare As a result of the research and knowledge of the aesthetics market needs, Termosalud has designed SkinCare, the new device that effectively combines the ultrasound peeling and diathermy techniques with cosmetics (collagen masks). Cosmetics The SkinCare method uses collagen masks...

Face, Cellular regeneration, Facial cleansing, Ultrasonic peeling

termoLínea Thermolipolysis

TERMOLINEA: shapes and sculpts your body   This thermoelectrolysis equipment has been designed to satisfy the most demanding beautician. termoLínea® includes infra-red bands that, when applied to a particular area of the body, obtain dramatic results in the remodeling of the...

Body, Body shaping, Cellulite, Tightening

Aura IPL (Luz pulsada intensa)

Aura works with energy levels of between 6 and 21 J/cm2. The exclusive adjustable multi pulse system gives excellent results in permanently reducing the hair and rejuvenating the skin. The innovative technology of pulsed light created by Termosalud minimises the heat in the zone, thanks to a...

Body, Antiaging, Hair removal, Photoepilation

bodySystem Thermal stimulation

BodySystem: shapes and defines your figure bodySystem® is a thermostimulation device that simultaneously emits infrared heat and generates stimulating currents. The most outstanding feature of this equipment is the combination of these two techniques: thermo wraps (deep heat) and...

Body, Body shaping, Slimming, Cellulite, Localised fat, Tightening