LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO in the TELVA magazine beauty special issue

by Termosalud

thursday, 28 de january de 2016, 1:43 pm

LINFOPRESS PRO en Telva Belleza

Thanks to the prestigious Felicidad Carrera beauty salons, Telva magazine features our LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO and VMAT devices in its February special issue.

The magazine offers a comprehensive review of some of the medical-aesthetic devices that provide the most advanced technology for combating cellulite and improving it, reducing volume or tissue tightening, and that can be found in the best beauty salons.

This issue shows a photo the LINFOPRESS EVOLUTION PRO pressotherapy jacket, result of the most than 30 years experience of Termosalud in the development of pressotherapy equipments, highly effective in the treatment of patients with lymphatic and circulatory troubles.

It also features VMAT, our virtual mesotherapy device that uses electromagnetic and acoustic shockwaves in order to penetrate the deepest areas and to fight the cellulite accumulation; it is a therapy with proven results in tissue regeneration, the activation of the blood circulation, fat reduction and the activation of the adipocytes metabolism. VMAT helps eliminate the orange peel skin and the toxins accumulation in the cells that the oedematous cellulite causes, is highly effective against water retention, thanks to the deep lymphatic massage that provides.