Gijón Termosalud BSB

Termosalud collaborates with the Human Design School for personal coaching

The Asturian company, specialising in technological solutions for healthy aging, supports the creation of the new Human Design School project, the new coaching school, in which Paula Sopeña has the aim of boosting the personal and relational development of her students.

Termosalud has extensive experience in the research and development of state-of-the-art technology as a means of improving people’s health and well-being; originally, from a cosmetic medicine perspective and, currently, also from a sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation perspective.

For years Termosalud has been committed to improving people’s quality of life, offering their technical and technological expertise to reduce the effects of aging; thereby increasing people’s sense of well-being and balance.

Paula Sopeña presents her school as an alternative way of achieving the perfect balance between mind and body, on 10th October at 19:00 hours at the Universidad Laboral of Gijón.