ENEKA 1200 Diode Laser Termosalud BSB

ENEKA 1200 Diode Laser, rapidity, safety and maximum effectivenes in the new diode laser hair removal device by Termosalud

ENEKA 1200 Diode Laser

More than 30 years’ experience in the innovation and manufacturing of medical-beauty devices has led to the creation and development of the ENEKA 1200 diode laser by Termosalud, a new device targeting the medico-aesthetics sector, that incorporates the safest, most advanced, and effective technology on the market.


With a 1200W power, ENEKA adapts with highest precision to every skin and hair type and intensity, achieving the optimal values for each treatment in the safest and most effective way. The innovative ENEKA 1200 technology allow the best results from the best session, in all the skin phototypes and all year round.

ENEKA 1200 incorporates an interior cooling unit that maintains an optimal temperature in the cooling system, preventing technical pauses and breakages. Its laser handpiece has an optical spot size, for treating in a fast way the small body zones, as well as the big ones. It is ergonomic and light. It incorporates the new CONTACT COOLING SAPPHIRE TIP system, designed exclusively for Termosalud to improve the patient’s safety and to minimise the pain.

ENEKA 1200 DIODE LASER is the result of the advanced research and development carried out by our R+D and medical team and conforms to the demanding ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications for the manufacture of medical devices.