Dr. Carla Barber is committed to the latest technology and adds the Termosalud SYMMED treatment to her medical-esthetic offer.

by Termosalud

friday, 6 de october de 2017, 2:47 pm



SYMMED is an innovative work method, which combines the most advanced and effective RADIOFREQUENCY DIATHERMY AND HPC VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY, specially designed to boost skin rejuvenation and to offer the best results in facial and body treatments, in a painless and non-invasive way. The Dr. Carla Barber clinic, in Madrid, offers the SYMMED exclusive treatment.

The latest Termosalud medical-esthetic capacitive and resistive radiofrequency device incorporates the most effective and advanced technology, in order to achieve the maximum results, visible from the first session. SYMMED offers different protocols, specific for facial treatments (lifting effect, remodelling the oval of the face, wrinkles and flaccid skin, puffs and dark circles) and body treatments (contouring, cellulite, firming, post-natal, draining and muscle relaxant).

There are several benefits in using the capacitive resistive radiofrequency: it increases the metabolism of fats and reduces adipose tissue, accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces the number of free radicalsand aids the reabsorption of oedemas, among others.

Termosalud and the Dr. Carla Barber clinic offer one of the most effective and innovating treatment in the market, which achieves great results without pain or side effects.